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Cameras Haggisclopedia
Camera 1: Loch Lomond Camera 2: Cairngorm Mountain
Camera 3: Linlithgow Cross Camera 4: Arbroath
Camera 5: Inverurie Camera 6: Banchory
Camera 7: Eilean Donan Castle Camera 8: Linlithgow Canal
Camera 9: Inverness Camera 10: St Andrews
Highland Titles - Become a Lord or Lady

Ten things you never knew about Haggis

  1. The correct plural of haggis is haggii, although under certain grammatical circumstances it can be haggises or even “wee yins”. The name Haggii comes from the Latin for “harried ones”.

  2. The Haggis Hunting season runs from when they hatch (30 November) until 25 January. The 31st of December is particularly anticipated by Haggis hunters as it is when great herds of Haggii migrate north for winter. The correct term for stalking a haggis is “havering”.

  3. Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem “The Hunting Of The Snark” was originally called “The Hunting Of The Haggis” until he found out the Scottish beast actually existed.

  4. Seeing a live haggis is supposed to be a sign of imminent good fortune. Earl Nyaff of Uirsgeul reputedly encountered one on his way to Ayr races in 1817 and subsequently won £50. True, he was badly trampled by the winner and flogged for race fixing after being falsely accused by his own brother, but at least he made a tidy profit.

  5. An alcoholic drink derived from the haggis has yet to be invented, despite many centuries of intensive research.

  6. The haggis is unusual in that it is neither consistently nocturnal nor diurnal, but instead is active at dawn and dusk (crepuscular), with occasional forays forth during the day and night.

  7. Haggis eggs are inedible, and can be easily confused with deer droppings. On the whole they are best avoided.

  8. Some myths say the spider watched by Robert the Bruce was trying to escape from a haggis foraging for food.

  9. Haggis fur is waterproof but not showerproof.

  10. No-one has ever succeeded in breeding haggii in captivity.
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